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2017 Winter Meetings - Awards

Minor League Baseball Annual Awards

Nomination Process

Clubs selected to represent their league should send nominations for these awards to their league office unless the league prefers this information be sent directly to:

Minor League Baseball, 9550 16th Street N., St. Petersburg, FL 33716, ATTN: Jeff Lantz.

Information can be prepared by the nominated club, or by the league office. It has been our experience that materials prepared by the nominated club are often more effective because the clubs have easier access to all relevant materials.

Please note: Individual league procedures to select their nominees may vary from those employed by the MiLB office to select the overall industry recipient.

  • Each league may nominate one club for each of these awards (does not need to be the same club for each award): the John H. Johnson President's Award, the Larry MacPhail Award and the John Henry Moss Community Service Award. Each league may nominate one club OR individual for the Charles K. Murphy Patriot Award. Each league may nominate one individual for the Rawlings Woman Executive of the Year Award.
  • Nominations are reviewed by the MiLB Awards Committee and recommendations for the award winners are presented to Minor League Baseball's president and senior management for final decisions. In addition to the information submitted, the Awards Committee, the president and senior management may take into account whether a club or individual has upheld the objectives of the National Association Agreement and has complied with applicable baseball rules.
  • All nominations should include a written description that demonstrates why the club/individual deserves the award. Later in this document you will find a description of each award, along with suggested topics to address within the written submission.
    • When reviewing nominations, the MiLB Awards Committee is focused on how the club/individual exemplifies the criteria of the award. An effective submission is one that clearly and concisely addresses the main award criteria and how the club/individual embodies those criteria.
    • Links to videos or Web pages, DVDs, photographs and print materials may be included, where applicable, to support the nomination, but they are not required. The inclusion and/or quantity of supporting documents will not, in itself, impact the selection process. Supporting materials are effective only if they are integral to demonstrating the qualifications of the club/individual.
    • Quality and relevance of content are more important than quantity and presentation format (e.g., a photograph of giveaway items is sufficient in lieu of sending actual samples).

  • The deadline to submit league nominations (with supporting materials) to MiLB is Oct. 6, 2017. Nominations received after this date will not be considered.
  • Please keep in mind that the John Henry Moss, Johnson and MacPhail awards are given to a club, not an individual.
  • Leagues and clubs wishing to publicize their nominations may state that they are the league's nominee, but NOT the league's winner of the award.
  • League presidents will be notified if a club in his or her league has won an award. The president or senior management will notify the winners. Neither clubs nor league offices may distribute any press releases or make other announcements regarding any winners until the MiLB official press release has been distributed.
  • Winners will be encouraged to submit a 60-second video to be shown at the Baseball Winter Meetings during the presentation of the award. Assistance with this video is available through the MiLB office if desired.

Charles K. Murphy Patriot Award

The Charleston RiverDogs receive the inaugural Charles K. Murphy Patriot Award from Minor League Baseball President & CEO Pat O'Conner during the 2016 Banquet.

Charles K. Murphy Patriot Award

The Charles K. Murphy Patriot award is presented to a team or individual in Minor League Baseball for outstanding support of the United States Armed Forces and veterans, both at the ballpark and in the community. The award was created this year in honor of the longtime Florida State League president and U.S. Army veteran who passed away Feb. 21, 2015, at the age of 83. A retired Lieutenant Colonel after 21 years in the U.S. Army, Murphy broke into professional baseball in 1975 and led the Florida State League from 1990 until his passing. He received the Warren Giles Award for outstanding service as a league president in both 2011 and 1991, and the Friends of Baseball Chapel Award in 1994.

Nominations should include:

  • In-park programs recognizing and/or honoring veterans and active duty military.
  • Club/individual involvement in military-centered activities and/or events in the community.
  • Club/individual involvement with VA hospitals, military bases, ROTC and/or other military programs.
  • Charitable contributions (tickets and monetary) to military-affiliated programs/organizations or military branches.
  • Club/Individual involvement with families of servicemen and women, active duty or retired.

John Henry Moss Community Service Award

The Community Service Award is awarded to a club that demonstrates an outstanding, on-going commitment to charitable service, support and leadership within their local community and within the baseball industry.

Please include in your nomination information about the following:

  • Support of Local and Baseball Communities - Involvement in the club's local community may be shown through initiatives, donations, programming and participation, community improvement projects, involvement with civic organizations, providing fundraising opportunities for local groups and promoting charitable partners through club marketing and communications. Service and support to the Baseball Community may include participation in league-wide initiatives, support of MiLB Charity Partners, engagement with MiLB Charities, and support of baseball-related not-for-profit organizations such as the Baseball Hall of Fame, UmpsCare and BAT (Baseball Assistance Team).
  • Players, Staff and Ownership - Highlight personal community service involvement of players, staff and/or ownership; or club-sponsored initiatives and programs that actively involve players, staff and/or ownership or engage the community.
  • Additionally, the nominee's participation in the reporting of charitable activities through will be considered as part of the review process.

John H. Johnson President's Award

The John H. Johnson President's Award has been presented annually since 1974 to honor the complete baseball franchise. The award's criteria are based on financial stability, contributions to league stability, contributions to baseball in the community and promotion of the baseball industry.

Nominations should include:

  • Franchise Stability - Description of the longevity in a community, continuity of ownership or other indicators that the club has become part of the fabric of its community over time.
  • Contributions to the Community, League and the Baseball Industry - This may be shown through descriptions of initiatives, such as youth programs; reading programs; player appearances; staff and player volunteer work; community improvement projects; donations to one's community; city, school and charity events; and involvement with civic organizations and other groups (Big Brothers Big Sisters, Special Olympics, etc.). Written information may include demonstrated leadership within the league through service on league committees or other contributions at the league level.

Larry MacPhail Award

The MacPhail Award is given to a club that demonstrates outstanding and creative marketing and promotional efforts within its community, its ballpark (including non-game day events), in media and other promotional materials. The award has been presented since 1966 and is named after Hall of Famer Leland Stanford "Larry" MacPhail, Sr., who introduced innovations such as night baseball, airplane travel, pension plans and batting helmets.

Nominations should include:

  • Marketing and promotions within the community that can include city, school and charity events; involvement with civic organizations and youth groups (Big Brothers Big Sisters, Special Olympics, etc.); or other creative ways of marketing the club.
  • Promotions in the ballpark including non-game day events, in-game promotions, sponsor events, concerts, giveaways, etc.
  • Media and promotional materials to include social media, radio and television ads, newspaper ads, programs, yearbooks, etc.

Rawlings Woman Executive of the Year Award

Since 1976, the Rawlings Woman Executive of the Year Award has been presented annually to a woman who has made outstanding contributions to her club or league, or to baseball.

Nominations should include:

  • Biography.
  • Description of her career in baseball and how she has contributed to the success of her franchise, league or the baseball industry.
  • Up to three letters of recommendation.

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